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If you have moved into a home or refinanced recently, your mailbox will be flooded with mortgage protection letters offering mortgage insurance protection coverage!

These offers are in URGENT letters and postcards, requiring you to fill them out and mail them in to get more information about mortgage protection.

Often, you must fill in your age, birth date, whether you are smoker, the best time to call you, and your telephone number.

A mortgage protection letter is a solicitation for information by an insurance marketing agency (IMO or MLM) or individual life insurance agent. It is a marketing tactic designed to get your information so that your information may be sold to individual life insurance agents. These agents will then contact you in their effort to sell you a mortgage protection life insurance policy.

So, what happens after you send in one of these letters?

It depends on the company you send it to, but the typical scenario is that your mortgage protection letter information will be sold or distributed to one or more insurance agents in your area.

Check out our review of Symmetry Financial Group to see how your personal information and privacy is treated. Our article on Symmetry Financial Group will help you understand what happens to your personal information after you mail in your mortgage protection letter.

After you mail your mortgage protection letter, you will soon receive phone calls from life insurance agent(s) to get health and financial information to determine what mortgage protection product they will offer you. Most agents will want to visit with you in your home as part of the sales process to get your home protected.

If you send in multiple mortgage protection letters, you will get multiple calls from agents. If you send in 10 letters, you have 10-50 agents calling you to discuss mortgage protection with you in the next couple of years.

There is nothing wrong with this process. The people who will call you after you send in letters will do their best to get your mortgage protected with the insurance products they have available to them.

What we do differently

Your information will remain private, will not be sold, and we will not need to visit with you in your home!

Traveling from home to home helping people with traditional mortgage protection sales is inefficient. A traveling insurance salesperson can only help so many people per day. They can only fit so many appointments into a day. They can only drive a certain amount of time every day in their cars. This limits how many people they can help with mortgage protection.

Our clients appreciate the information we provide on our website. Being better educated about mortgage protection leads to better questions from our clients. This allows us to better understand our clients’ family needs, budget needs, and mortgage protection needs.

Low overhead costs

Because we operate an online business and we need not travel from home to home, we keep our business costs and overhead low. This benefits you, because we don’t feel pressured to sell you an expensive plan you don’t need. We can help 30-50 of people a day, whereas a traveling insurance person can only help 6 to 8 people a day.

This allows us to focus on getting you the best product, the best pricing, in the shortest time. Because we are low overhead, if we can save you money, we will. Our clients come first, and we want to provide the best protection, at the best price, so you will recommend us as your #1 mortgage protection provider.

Most mortgage protection agents often purchase your personal information. This increases their cost of doing business, which means they often sell more expensive insurance policies to cover this additional cost.

When you mail that mortgage protection letter you got in the mail back to the sender, your personal information will be sold to insurance agents…over and over and over. You can expect to get phone calls for up to 2 years after sending in a mortgage protection letter.


Will my information be sold?

Yes, up to 6 times with different MLM mortgage protection companies such as Symmetry Financial Group. Here are the different lead types offered through Symmetry. The Symmetry Financial Group cost of leads are as follows:

  • A Lead: Agent pricing is from $27.00 to $43.00 depending on your contract (commission) level.
    • Refer to these Promotion Guidelines for actual cost.
    • Lead Age – Exclusive to a Symmetry agent for 5 weeks only.
  • 5A Lead – $5.50 each
    • This is an A lead that was distributed 1 time, but the customer still hasn’t been sold.
    • Lead Age – 5 weeks of age up to 8 months.
  • 4A Lead – Cost $4.50 each
    • Distributed 2 times. (As an A lead then as a 5A lead), but the customer still hasn’t been sold.
    • Lead Age – Starts at 10 weeks of age and can go up to 10 months.
  • 3A Lead – $3.50 each
    • Distributed 3 times. (As an A lead, then as a 5A and 4A lead), but the customer still hasn’t been sold.
    • Lead Age – Starts at 15 weeks of age and can go up to 12 months.
  • 2A Lead – $2.50 each
    • Distributed 4 times. (As an A lead, 5A, 4A, and 3A lead), but the customer still hasn’t been sold.
    • Lead Age – Starts at 20 weeks and can go to 18+ months.
  • 1A Lead – $1.50 each
    • Distributed 5 times. (As an A lead, 5A, 4A, 3A and 2A lead)
    • Lead Age – These leads are $1.50 and are between 5 months and 35 months old.
    • These are exclusive to the agent as a 1A lead for 3 months.
  • .50 Cent Lead – $.50 cents each
    • Distributed 6 times. (As an A lead, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A lead)
    • Lead Age – Starts at 8 months and can go up to 50 months old.
    • These are exclusive to the agent as a 50C lead for 3 months.


Your time is valuable

People with home mortgages have jobs; otherwise, they could not afford their mortgage payment! Most people work during the day and are home during the evening.

Others work a second, or third shift, and are home during the day. Trying to manage your work and personal schedule is getting more complicated as time goes on.

Shopping for a mortgage protection policy (MPP) should be easy. It should fit into your schedule, and you should be able to get all the information you need in one place on the Internet.

That is what does for you. You can research all the articles we have written, find out if mortgage protection is appropriate for you, get a no obligation quote, or call and talk with us if you have specific needs or individual questions. We make it that easy!

By valuing your time, we feel we provide the best service in the mortgage protection industry.

Pajama easy

Buying mortgage protection should be easy; we call it pajama easy. You should be able to buy mortgage protection and other insurance products to protect your home from the comfort of your living room, while sitting in your recliner with your pajamas on.

You can even skip talking to us to and still research rates with our free quoter to get an idea of what your mortgage protection may cost.


At, we need not have someone come to your home and explain different insurance policies to you like when you mail a mortgage protection letter back to the sender. We aren’t pressured to sell you anything. We make it pajama easy.

If you want someone to come and visit you in your home for a face-to-face conversation about mortgage protection, then send those mortgage protection letters in the mail to the companies that mailed them to you.

If you are comfortable online, want a relaxed mortgage protection shopping experience, and want the best pricing in the industry for mortgage protection, then we can help you in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, while helping you on your phone or computer.


The insurance industry has a notoriously high workforce turnover rate. We believe it is important with any insurance product, especially mortgage protection, to have a knowledgeable agent with a great deal of experience in helping people protect their homes.

An inexperienced agent can recommend the wrong product for you and get you denied coverage. This will make it more difficult for you to get coverage in the future. You should get approved the first time you apply! Having an experienced agent help you is critical to getting you approved for this coverage.

Most Multi-Level Insurance (MLM) agents are new to the industry and are inexperienced. They often sell more expensive policies than independent and experienced agents.

Mortgage protection is our sole focus at We have been doing it for years and are knowledgeable with all products and policy requirements to get you covered.


We will give you all options to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase. We will explain all advantages and disadvantages of any mortgage protection plan we offer. This may not occur with mortgage protection letter offers.

Our mission statement states we will put your needs before our needs. That means we will not recommend an insurance product for you, simply because it means we receive a higher commission for selling you a specific product.

This is what separates us from most other mortgage protection insurance salespeople in the marketplace!

  • Our #1 goal is to protect people’s homes, so when they die, their home stays with their spouse, partner, and loved ones.
  • Our #2 goal is to find you the best mortgage protection plan at the best price.

No sales gimmicks

We use technology, like screen sharing and video chatting, to guide you through the process. We have no fancy or tricky scripts to trick you into buying something.

Many mortgage protection agents and call centers follow tricky scripts that try to steer you in one direction.

We don’t do this and will not pressure or trick you into a policy you don’t need. You are in control of the process. You can decide to shop for mortgage protection at any time.

Get the best bang for your buck!

We will never show you only one option to protect your mortgage. Mortgage protection is not a one size fits all product.

Every family has a different:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Income
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Monthly expenses
  • Family sizes
  • Employer-provided life insurance amounts
  • Private life insurance amounts
  • Health Concerns
  • Geographic locations

All factor into your mortgage protection purchasing decision.

We will help you find the best-priced mortgage product available!

Nobody likes to overpay for insurance protection, and nobody likes to be sold a more expensive product than they need. We will shop around to get you the best-priced mortgage protection in the market…and we will prove it. We will show you the many insurance companies competing for your insurance dollars.

The money goes to your beneficiaries, not the bank.

Our mortgage protection policies make sure that, when you die, the money goes to your spouse, partner, or loved ones, not your bank or lender. Don’t confuse mortgage protection with PMI, which gets paid directly to your bank.

You should always have control over your insurance products. Your bank or lender should never receive any insurance proceeds intended for mortgage protection!

Free quotes

You may just want to get an idea of what mortgage protection would cost, without having to have an insurance agent visit you in your home. You cannot get this if you mail in a mortgage protection letter. Our free mortgage protection quoter allows you to get a general idea of what your pricing would be. We make it pajama easy!

Cancel anytime

We make it easy to cancel your mortgage protection anytime you want. You are never locked into a permanent contract with an insurance company. You have complete control and can cancel your mortgage protection when it is no longer needed.


We will never sell your information to anyone! Your personal information and privacy is our #1 priority. If you request any information or talk with us, your information will always be safe with our team.

But I already have a mortgage protection policy!

All mortgage protection policies can be cancelled. You are not locked into a contract, you do not have to keep your policy, and you can shop around for better pricing or features.

If you purchased a mortgage protection policy in the past and would like to see if you got the best deal, contact us. We offer complimentary policy reviews!

If you have the best plan available, we will tell you that you have a great plan and not to change a thing!

The great news, if you already purchased a MPP, is you qualified for one in the first place! Because of this, you should be able to qualify for a more affordable policy (if your health has not changed since your policy was approved).


Terry and Gina bought a mortgage protection policy two years ago. Bob is 36 years old now and Gina is 35. Bob was 34 years old when he purchased his 20 year MPP, and Gina was 33.

A mortgage protection company came out with a new aggressively priced MPP that will save Terry $23.32 a month in premiums and Gina $19.78 each month in premiums.

With 18 years left on their MPP’s, can save Terry and Gina $43.10 per month with this new plan; we could help Terry and Gina save $9,309.60 over the next 18 years! (not including interest!).

That is a lot of money we would rather you have in your budget, not in the insurance company’s budget!


We make mortgage protection easy, convenient, and affordable, so you can live a vibrant life, knowing your home and family is protected when you die.

We work with people who value their time, care enough to protect their home and loved ones, and understand there is no guarantee that any of us will be alive tomorrow.

We will partner with you to make sure you get exactly what your family needs to protect your home. We need not visit you in your home, and we will never pressure you into a purchase you don’t want to make.


We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best mortgage protection rates.

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