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Everyone wants to protect the home and family when an unexpected death occurs. There are many companies out there trying to get in front of you to earn your business. In this Family Protection Center review and Family Insurance Plans review, we’ll talk about one company’s efforts to sell you mortgage protection life insurance.

Everyone wants to protect their home and family when an unexpected death occurs.

The Family Protection Center website appears to help you do just that. We love it when people get their homes protected…even if it is not through us!

From what we know, the Family Protection Center a fine company with fine people. We imagine they help a lot of people get their homes protected…we love that about any company!

In this Family Protection Center review, we will talk specifically about Family Protection Center with information publicly available through the Family Protection Center website and through public records/internet records.

We will also talk generically about MLM type IMO’s, as these issues may apply to all MLM IMO companies.

Who is Family Protection Center?

Family Protection Center operates under the website URL

It is interesting to note that the URL is for sale. Family Protection Center operates under the name Family Protection Center but does not own this website address.

The address listed for the Family Protection Center is:

Family Protection Center
1214 Turrentine St.
Burlington, NC 27215
Phone: 855-888-9013

The address shown above is also the address for a well known MLM insurance company.


There are other “businesses” that operate from this address:

  • Alliance Eventures –
  • Americans For The Family –
  • Family Insurance Plans –
  • Family Protection Center –
  • Funeral and Burial Insurance –
  • Kit Marketing – – Marketing website services for this MLM insurance company
  • Mortgage Protection Center –
  • There are a few more businesses that operate from this address…including a large MLM insurance company.

All of these businesses appear to be operated by a well known MLM life insurance company.

What should I know about Family Protection Center?

The Family Protection Center website appears to be designed to gain your personal information.

The only business information offered on the website is very vague and states:

“The Family Protection Center is a department of a much larger company, which has been in business for over 10 years. We serve future clients all over the Unites [sic] States and want to help you be prepared when that unfortunate time of death arrives. Our licensed agents are trained by the best to help you find what you are looking for and to give you the best options available. We specialize in life insurance needs.”

There appears to be no information about the company ownership posted on the website.

In an online quote box, it states “Request Your FREE Quote Today!” and asks for your first name, last name, email, and ZIP Code.

It also has a drop-down box for you to “Select A Product” where the following product selections are offered:

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Mortgage Disability
  • Spouse Life
  • Term Life
  • Final Expense
  • Single Premium Whole Life
  • Child Life Insurance

Why does Family Protection Center ask for my first name, last name, email, and ZIP Code?

Family Protection Center appears to be a marketing website intended to acquire “lead” information to sell your personal information to life insurance agents.

What happens to my personal information after I enter it on the Family Protection Center website?

It likely is sold and distributed to life insurance agents contracted through Family Protection Center (and presumably other MLM agents).

Here is an online chat discussion we had with an MLM representative:

Is my information sold to insurance agents?

Most likely, it is as shown in the image above.

Many insurance companies operate using a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business structure. If you think of Amway, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and other MLM type businesses, this MLM operates in a similar way selling life insurance products.

With most MLM insurance companies, a licensed agent in your state is encouraged to recruit other agents to work under them. Those agents are then encouraged to recruit agents under them.

The agent on top (the recruiter) gets a percentage (called an “override”) of all other insurance agents sales below them.

This MLM business model is a popular way to do hire new and inexperienced agents in the life insurance industry.

This is an effective business model that allows many homeowners to get their mortgages protected by insurance sales agents visiting homeowners in their own homes.

What happens after my personal information is sold?

An agent from the MLM who operates in your area (and who has purchased your lead information) will call you to set up an appointment and visit you at your home to sell you life insurance (or mortgage protection insurance, or final expense insurance, etc.).

What happens if I say no after meeting with an agent?

With many MLM insurance companies, your information will be sold to another agent, who will again call you to sell you insurance. This can happen many times, and you as a homeowner may receive calls for many years.

We have no knowledge of the Family Protection Center’s lead program in this area.

For a deep in-depth look at how one MLM insurance company operates, check out our Symmetry Financial Group Review. Most MLM insurance companies operate similarly.

What are the potential advantages of this system?

If you get a new or inexperienced agent on your first visit, you may end up with a more experienced agent the second, third, fourth, or fifth time.

What are the potential disadvantages of the system?

Most MLM insurance agencies encourage hiring brand-new licensed insurance agents and push those brand-new licensed insurance agents to go out and hire other brand-new licensed insurance agents.

Although there are many qualified and experienced agents in these companies, with so many new and inexperienced agents getting hired regularly, you are not assured to be assigned an agent with an exceptional amount of experience and knowledge.

Are there any other potential disadvantages of the MLM system?

Inexperienced agents may be instructed to sell products that are easy to qualify for that require little to no underwriting experience or knowledge.

The downside of this is most people qualify for better plans and pricing in these new agents will be encouraged to offer homeowners.

Another downside is that new agents have not developed enough product knowledge or underwriting experience to accurately determine the best companies in life insurance products to place their clients (this is true of all companies).

If your agent helped you apply for the wrong plan based on your age, health, height, and weight, you will get denied insurance you are seeking. This will make it more difficult to apply for coverage in the future (as you have a life insurance application denial in your medical records).

Should I purchase insurance through Family Protection Center?

If you are comfortable with how the Family Protection Center sells or distributes your personal information, and understand that you will be contacted to purchase insurance, then using the Family Protection Center is likely a fine choice to obtain insurance information and coverage.

We believe the most important thing for individuals and homeowners is to purchase the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage.

It is recommended when shopping for life insurance or mortgage protection that you work with a veteran agent who has a tremendous amount of life insurance underwriting experience.


How can Buy Mortgage Protection help me?

Buy Mortgage Protection is here to offer you the unparalleled mortgage protection and pricing expertise with agents who specialize only in mortgage protection.

We won’t insist that we visit you in your home, and we won’t pressure you into purchasing something on the spot. We offer you a shopping experience from the comfort of your own home so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your needs.

We will help you understand your options and can help you with mortgage protection or life insurance coverage from the comfort of your home.

We do things differently

We believe if we treat you fairly, are honest, and get you the best pricing available, you will come back to us in following years. We also believe you will refer us to your family and friends.

We also don’t pressure our clients into purchasing products they don’t need or sell them overpriced mortgage protection policies. We make sure our customers understand what their plan costs and why we recommended it to them.

We are happy to be a 100% independent insurance agency, and not an IMO or MLM insurance agency. This gives us greater freedom to serve our clients better, and get them the best pricing for the mortgage protection insurance they so desperately need.


We hope this Family Protection Center Review is beneficial to you. From what we know, the Family Protection Center a fine company with fine people. We imagine they help a lot of people get their homes protected…we love that about any company!

There are many reasons it is important to protect your home… the most important is protecting your family. The second most important is to protect your financial investment.

The Family Protection Center and Buy Mortgage Protection both want to help you protect your home and family; we just do things differently. The Family Protection Center agents will likely want to visit you in your home to sell you mortgage protection; meanwhile, we do everything online.

Working online is more convenient for our clients, lowers our overhead costs, and allows us to sell you the best policy you qualify for, not just a “one size fits all” expensive mortgage protection policy.

Nobody wants their spouse or partner to lose their home after a death or disability occurs. Mortgage protection allows your loved ones to keep your home after you are gone.

Protecting your family with mortgage protection is a gift you hope your family will never need, but a gift that is there for them if the worst ever happens.

We’re here to help you understand your options and help you find affordable insurance protection that will protect your home and family and fit your budget. Call us today at (888) 760-0903, or fill out our free quote form to get an immediate mortgage protection quote.



We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best mortgage protection rates.

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