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Written by Buy Mortgage Protection

In this Easy Respond review, we will share what we know about this company, and where that letter mortgage protection letter in your mailbox came from. Also, no easyrespond.com review would be complete without investigating the company itself and how they claim to help you with mortgage protection.

Everyone wants to protect their home and family when an unexpected death occurs.

The easyrespond.com website appears to help you do just that. There is an official looking username and password that you enter from an official-looking letter that arrived in your mailbox after you have:

  • Qualified for a new mortgage
  • Refinancing your home
  • Taking a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) on your home
  • Accepted a reverse mortgage on your home

There is a professional video that starts to play immediatly when logging on to the website, and a banner that scrolls phrases such as “Securing you mortgage today for your future tomorrow.”

The website boldly states:

“As a “Mortgage Holder” you may qualify to participate in a low cost No Physical Exam Mortgage Life & Disability Insurance Plan. A Mortgage Life Plan can protect your loan in case of an unexpected tragedy. Without a Plan, your family would still have to make the monthly mortgage payments. By acting now you can lock in special low rates with no physical exam. Depending on your eligibility, your plan benefits may include:

  • Death – Pays your mortgage or equity loan in the event of your death.
  • Disability – Can make your mortgage payments if you become disabled.
  • Unemployment – Makes some of your premium payments if you are laid off.
  • Level Premium – Premium payments that remain level and do not increase.
  • Return of Premium – Returns all of your premiums if benefits are un-used.”

It is stated that you must “Login To Request Complete Details At No Cost Or Obligation”.

In fine print at the bottom of their website states: “This is not a solicitation. All coverage information is provided by Independent Life & Disability agents that represent multiple Insurance Companies. Carriers to obtain coverage will vary. Product and benefit riders are subject to underwriting approval and are not available in all states.”

Why did I get a mortgage protection letter from Easy Respond?

www.easyrespond.com is owned by a company called Mailco Productions (Mailco).  The Mailco website states “MailCo Productions has grown to be one of the industry’s premier lead generation companies.”

Mailco is not a Mortgage Protection Company. They are a printing, production, and mailing company that sends homeowners mortgage protection letters to homeowners that are then sold to local licensed insurance agents.

Our Easy Respond IS NOT affiliated with an insurance company or insurance agency. They operate an online marketing website intended to gather your personal data to sell to life insurance agents.

When you complete a letter and mail it back in, your information now becomes “data” to be sold to national insurance marketing organizations (IMO’s), insurance companies, or to local small-time private insurance agents.

These unknown insurance agents will then call you to try to set up an appointment in order to sell you a mortgage protection insurance policy for your home.

What else should I know about Easy Respond?

www.easyrespond.com has a twin! www.oursecurefamily.com was born on the same day!

Well…at least www.easyrespond.com and www.oursecurefamily.com were registered on the same day. They look a little bit different, so they would be fraternal twins, not identical twins. But, their purpose is the same – to get your personal information to sell to insurance agents.

Both websites have the same registration date, the same internet host, and the same business address.


Who is Mailco Productions?

Mailco is a North Carolina-based company that was established in 1994. They were originally established to provide data compilation and lead generation resources for local North Carolina life insurance producers.

Mailco claims to have grown to have become one of the industry’s larger lead generation companies, providing leads and data throughout the United States for life insurance agents.

Is my data safe with Mailco and Easy Respond?

It depends on what your idea of “safe” is.

After you enter your personal information into the letter and mail it in, your personal information is now the property of someone else (whoever purchases your “data”).

That letter you send back to Easy Respond (Mailco) or the information you submit on the www.easyrespond.com website will be sold…often multiple times.

Did you notice that there is NO CONTACT INFORMATION or BUSINESS ADDRESS on the www.easyrespond.com website? You may find yourself asking yourself “Do I feel comfortable giving out my personal information on a website like this?”

Did you notice there is NO PRIVACY POLICY listed on the www.easyrespond.com website to tell you how your personal information will be used?

This is scary to many people concerned about privacy and personal information security.

What happens after my personal data is sold?

The short answer is “your phone will start ringing”.

Depending on the individual agent or life insurance marketing company that paid for your data, your information may be sold multiple times.

A best-case scenario is that your information will only be sold once AND only one local licensed insurance agent will call you to try to schedule a visit at your home in order to sell you mortgage protection insurance.

A worst-case scenario is that your personal information and data will be sold multiple times, resulting in future phone calls for up to 2 years.

What do I know about the mortgage protection insurance agent that calls me?

Absolutely nothing.

It is important to understand that your personal information is sold to anyone who has the money to pay for it. Your data is called a “lead”.

Your “lead” information is sold so to a marketing company or individual insurance producer, and you have no control over your personal information after mailing in a letter or submitting your information on www.easyrespond.com.

Will the agents that call me be trustworthy and experienced?

Not necessarily – many insurance agents get into the business to try to make a quick buck fast.

The sad reality is that the insurance industry is a high employment turnover industry.

Rather than building the business the old-fashioned way, through quality service and referrals, many insurance agents shortcut the process by purchasing leads from mail production companies.

As a result, the insurance agent that visits you is often a brand new rookie agent running his or her first few appointments. Because of this, you often end up overpaying for the insurance you inquired about.

Which companies do these agents work for?

Most insurance agents who buy these leads work for large IMOs (internet marketing organizations) or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) insurance companies. Some insurance agents are independent contractors.

This means that quality control and insurance underwriting may be limited or nonexistent. Most of these independent contractors only sell products from 3 to 4 different insurance companies. This often eliminates your access to other better-priced insurance companies.

Non-medical mortgage protection?

Most of these insurance companies specialize in selling “simplified issue” or “nonmedical” insurance policies.

While this makes the process of applying and getting approved easier for a new and inexperienced agent, you will pay more for these types of policies through most insurance companies.

Not to get too technical, but most of these policies are “table rating 4” policies. This means that the pricing is 100% higher than a “standard rating” policy.

So if you are healthy and were sold a mortgage protection policy at a table rating 4 that costs $100, you would have overpaid by $50. Your “standard” rating that you qualify for (because you are healthy) should have cost you $50. The table rating 4 policy you purchased doubles the cost of your policy to $100.

Why do insurance agents sell Table 4 (or up to Table 8) insurance products?

Because they are easy to get licensed for with different insurance companies and are easier to sell for inexperienced mortgage protection agents.

If you are on two high blood pressure medicines, a thyroid medicine, taking metformin for diabetes, are on two different medications for mild depression, and are taking a cholesterol medicine, you would qualify for a Table 4 rated insurance product!

Table 4 rated insurance policies allow many different medical impairments to be included in the policy and still get approved; they are the backbone of an inexperienced agent’s sales program!

If you’re in good health, a Table 4 rated insurance policy only benefits the agent, not you.

You see, the insurance agent makes more money by selling you a more expensive policy for which you would normally qualify. This way, the insurance salesperson makes more money, and you lose money by applying for a policy that is more expensive than you qualify for.

What should I look for in a mortgage protection agent?

Experience, honesty, and integrity are the three necessities when looking for an agent to work with in order to protect your home.

As mentioned above, new and inexperienced agents don’t have the experience or the right insurance company contracts to sell you the best-priced products available.

Many new or rookie agents will lead you to believe that they work for the banks and mortgage companies when they call you. This is an OUTRIGHT LIE.

They have purchased your information in the form of a “lead” and are calling you to sell you an insurance policy; they DO NOT work for your lender!

Most insurance agents get out of the business within six months to eighteen months. An insurance agent isn’t well-versed on all the insurance companies and products until about three years in the business.

Should I send the mortgage protection letter in, or should I enter my personal information on www.easyrespond.com?

If you are comfortable NOT KNOWING who is going to call you, or if they will sell you the right insurance product, then go ahead and send that Mailco mortgage protection letter in the mail.

If you are comfortable submitting your personal data onto a website that provides no contact information, no privacy policy, and no terms and conditions page, then easyrespond.com is a fine way to find out about your mortgage protection options.

What are my other options for protecting my home and family?

The reason we created Buy Mortgage Protection is that we know from experience that people appreciate an agent with experience, honesty, integrity… and the best pricing in mortgage protection.

Most people would prefer working with an experienced agency and would prefer to purchase a policy without having an unknown agent come to their home and pressure them into buying something which they may not want.

Are you a price shopper?

We know that people also like to price shop before deciding whether they want to talk with an insurance agent.

If you mail a mortgage protection letter or submit your personal information to www.easyrespond.com, you will not receive any pricing until an insurance agent is sitting in your home.

At www.buymortgageprotection.com, you can fill out our free quote form and see immediate pricing for over 20 different insurance companies. We put you in control of your mortgage protection shopping experience.

Buy Mortgage Protection is here to help you understand your eligibility options and to help you apply for coverage (if that is what you desire).

So what’s the verdict on www.easyrespond.com?

Mailco and www.easyrespond.com is merely a business to provide your personal information and leads to insurance agents. It is in the business of producing “data” and lead information to insurance agents, not delivering the best-priced mortgage protection policies.

Mailco and www.easyrespond.com are legitimate businesses that sell your information directly to IMO’s and individual insurance agents.

Mailco does a great job at what they do and are an excellent printing and mailing company.

So what’s not to like about Easy Respond?

What happens after Mailco and www.easyrespond.com have gained your personal information is what concerns most homeowners.

If any IMO or agent can purchase your data, your pricing, service, and professionalism will vary widely depending on what agent purchases your personal data and lead information.

How can Buy Mortgage Protection help me?

If you would like to bypass this inexperience and uncertainty, Buy Mortgage Protection is here to offer you the unparalleled mortgage protection and pricing expertise with agents who specialize only in mortgage protection.

We won’t insist that we visit you in your home, and we won’t pressure you into purchasing something on the spot. We offer you a shopping experience from the comfort of your own home so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your needs.

We will help you understand your options and can help you with mortgage protection or life insurance coverage from the comfort of your home.

We do things differently

We believe if we treat you fairly, are honest, and get you the best pricing available, you will come back to us in following years. We also believe you will refer us to your family and friends.

We also don’t pressure our clients into purchasing products they don’t need or sell them overpriced mortgage protection policies. We make sure our customers understand what their plan costs and why we recommended it to them.

We are happy to be a 100% independent insurance agency, and not an IMO or MLM insurance agency. This gives us greater freedom to serve our clients better, and get them the best pricing for the mortgage protection insurance they so desperately need.


There are many reasons it is important to protect your home… the most important is your family. The second most important is to protect your financial investment.

Nobody wants their spouse or partner to lose their home after a death or disability occurs. Mortgage protection allows your loved ones to keep your home after you are gone. Protecting your family with mortgage protection is a gift you hope your family will never need, but a gift that is there for them if the worst ever happens.

We’re here to help you understand your options and help you find affordable insurance protection that will protect your home and family and fit your budget. Call us today at (888) 760-0903, or fill out our free quote form to get an immediate mortgage protection quote.


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