What is Mortgage Protection Insurance? Mortgage protection is a specialized life insurance policy that pays off your mortgage for a spouse or partner when you die. Mortgage protection policies are non-medical (no medical exam required) that often include other benefits that cover disability, unemployment, critical illness, and terminal illness. Most people do not have adequate.. More

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If you have moved into a home or refinanced recently, your mailbox will be flooded with mortgage protection letters offering mortgage insurance protection coverage! These offers are in URGENT letters and postcards, requiring you to fill them out and mail them in to get more information about mortgage protection. Often, you must fill in your.. More

How much mortgage protection do I need? The answer to this question is different for every family and budget. The mortgage protection plans we help families with are customized to their unique home, family, and financial situations. A mortgage protection plan will be an important financial safety net; when a loved family member dies unexpectedly,.. More

The employer life insurance versus mortgage life insurance question is one we hear often. People are grateful to have this work benefit, as it protects them if a spouse or loved one dies unexpectedly while still working for their employer. Usually, your employer offers this work life insurance coverage at no expense to the employee… More

What is PMI? (Private Mortgage Insurance) PMI is a specialized insurance policy provided by private insurance companies that protects a lender from financial loss if a borrower defaulted on their loan. Most banks or lenders require PMI when you put down less than 20% of your home’s purchase price. So what is the difference between.. More

In this Symmetry Financial Group review article, we will give you some background on Symmetry Financial Group (SFG), how they help people with mortgage protection, what new life insurance agents should look at, and how we do things differently. We are both here to help you find the best mortgage protection policy possible; we just.. More

In this article, we will help you answer the question “Is Mortgage protection insurance a scam.” If you recently purchased or free financed at home, you may be surprised by all the mortgage protection offer letters you received in the mail. These unsolicited offers in your mailbox for mortgage protection insurance lawyer are an annoyance.. More