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What is Mortgage Protection? Mortgage protection is life insurance that pays off your mortgage when you die. Mortgage protection policies also often include other benefits that cover disability, unemployment, critical illness, and terminal illness. Most people do not have adequate life insurance coverage, and when they die, their loved ones are forced to move out.. More

Mortgage protection unemployment insurance is important to many people. Losing your job and being unable to make mortgage payments is terrifying for families. The thought of losing your home and having to relocate your family due to job loss is disturbing. Most families these days require two incomes to support the family and related expenses… More

Life is a gift and we don’t know the day we will die. Here are 7 reasons why you need mortgage protection insurance today! 1. You don’t know when you will die If you don’t know the day you will die, then mortgage protection makes perfect sense. Mortgage protection insurance is the perfect financial solution.. More

Why should you buy mortgage protection? Here are 8 reasons! 1. You have a mortgage If you don’t have a mortgage, you obviously don’t need to purchase mortgage protection! If you do have a mortgage that you would like to be paid off, paid down, have payments made, or have your equity in your home.. More

There are many reasons mortgage protection is smart for you, your family, and your home. We work hard to purchase and own our homes. Our homes provide us with protection, a place to raise our families, to relax and recuperate, and to enjoy memories. We thought it would be fun and informative to write an.. More

Mutual of Omaha and United of Omaha are major players in mortgage protection and life insurance sales. Founded in 1926, they provide life insurance, pension, and annuity products for individuals and groups. United of Omaha falls under the business umbrella of Mutual of Omaha. They have a long history of protecting homes and families for.. More

In this Phoenix Life review, we will help you understand more about this insurance company and if they are the right fit for your insurance needs. Phoenix Life Insurance Company is an insurance company that is a big player in the mortgage protection market. Phoenix Life is based out of Hartford, CT. Phoenix Life has always.. More

In this article, we will discuss what mortgage payment protection is and how it can help protect your home. Mortgage payment protection will help you cover your mortgage payments during the critical time following an unexpected death, disability, or job loss. Your home is most at-risk following the death or disability of a loved one,.. More

Many of you might think, “I already have a policy; why would I ever want to replace it?” In this article, we will cover when you should consider mortgage protection insurance replacement, and when you should not. The most important thing with mortgage protection insurance is to have it in the first place. If you.. More