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In this Asurea review article, we will give you some background on Asurea, how they help people with mortgage protection, and how we do things differently. We are both here to help you find the best mortgage protection policy possible; we just do it differently. We are not affiliated with Asurea in any way.

In this review, we will help you understand how Asurea operates in order to provide homeowners with this very important insurance product. Our references to other MLM marketing and operational practices mentioned in this post are for informational purposes only.

Everyone wants to protect their home and family when an unexpected death occurs.

Asurea appears to help you do just that. We love it when people get their homes protected…even if it is not through us!

In this Asurea review, we will talk specifically about Asurea with information publicly available through Asurea’s website and through public records/internet records.

We will also talk generically about MLM type IMO’s, as these issues may apply to all MLM IMO companies.


About Asurea:

Asurea was formed in December 2008 and is owned by Brian Pope. Brian is a long-time insurance industry veteran who founded Inusrance Wholesalers, Inc. in 1992. Insurance Wholesalers, Inc. was sold in 2006 to the Fortune 500 company, Fiserv.

Brian repurchased the company from Fiserv in December 2008 and reformed the company into what it is now called, Asurea, Inc.

Asurea has a favorable Better Business Bureau report.

Asurea has favorable reviews on Glassdoor.

The Asurea Business Model?

Asurea appears to operate similarly to other Multilevel Marketing (MLM) insurance companies.

Individual agents contract with Asurea and sell insurance products approved by Asurea. Asurea managers get a percentage of their “downline” agents (agents under them) production (commission). Asurea states in a press release “ASUREA offers agents: Agency building opportunities, tools, systems, and training for those who want to build their own agency.”

Whom do Asurea agents work for?

Asurea agents are likely 1099 contract employees and are not employees of Asurea.

Asurea appears to facilitate contracting the agents with the insurance companies and Asurea agents are paid directly by the insurance companies.

Are agents hourly, salary, or commission?

Most insurance agents are paid on 100% commission.

How do most MLM’s contact homeowners?

Mostly through direct mailing.

Other MLM insurance companies also use telemarketing, and “Call in” leads to people who have recently purchased a new home, refinanced a home, been approved for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or who have been approved for a reverse mortgage.

When a homeowner returns a  mortgage protection letter they received in the mail (or answers a telemarketer phone call), their information is then entered into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and is called a “lead.” Your information (called a “lead”) is then sold to individual agents, who contact you directly with the information you have provided.


Bob and Mary just purchased (or refinanced) your home! When their mortgage documents are filed at the county courthouse, their information is public record.

An agent may purchase Bob and Mary’s public record information (and many other homeowners personal information) and mail a mortgage protection letter to Bob and Mary (and all other people who have purchased a home, refinanced a home, taken a HELOC on their home, or taken a reverse mortgage on their home).

Bob and Mary were interested in the mortgage protection letter they received in the mail. They wrote down their personal information on the pink piece of paper and put it in the mail. The letter was delivered to an MLM operated or contracted mail facility.

Bob and Mary’s letter with their personal information was then sold to a licensed agent in your area. This agent will call you to make an appointment, visit you in your home, and help them purchase a mortgage protection policy.

Will your information be sold?

Yes, likely to a number of different agents with most MLM’s.

How many calls will I get?

If you sent in one letter and purchased a policy through an agent, the phone calls from agents should stop immediately. If you purchase no policy, your information may be sold to other agents (and you will get more phone calls).

How long will I get phone calls?

You may get phone calls from agents for many years.

What we like about Asurea:

Asurea is committed to protecting homes and families with life insurance products. They also can help clients with final expense, disability, annuities, and IUL’s. They also offer some of the best life insurance companies available.

Other Considerations with MLM Insurance Companies:

Insurance Policy Pricing:

Because MLM agents must purchase expensive leads (your personal information), their cost of business is higher.

There may be a temptation or incentive for some MLM’s agents to sell more expensive (higher commission) insurance products. MLM agents may be trained and encouraged to sell more expensive policies by their “upline” that offer quick approval and higher commission.


Although most MLM’s have great training and many fine life insurance agents, there is no guarantee the agent that visits with you is not in his/her first week of business.

There is no guarantee that your agents “Upline” will not be a brand new agent with any MLM insurance company.

The insurance industry has a notoriously high employee turnover rate. It always benefits you to have an experienced agent helping you get the best policy at the best price.

Policy approval:

Having an experienced agent helping you will assure your policy gets approved the first time. Newer agents have lower policy approval ratios than more experienced agents.

What we do differently

We only work with people who have contacted us. We don’t purchase “leads” or sell your information. Because we need not purchase your information as “leads”, we need not worry about large overhead costs and can better focus on your needs and budget.

If you’re not sure what plan to get we can help you understand your options and what plan will offer you the best protection.

We will be in business 10 to 20 years when you need help with your policy. Many agents at MLM based companies are gone within a year. We are here to help you and your family for life, not just one policy.

Many MLM agents focus on mortgage protection only. We look at the big picture; if mortgage protection is what you need, we will help you with that. If traditional life insurance is a better fit for you, that is what we will recommend.

How do we know we can trust Buy Mortgage Protection?

Look at our mission statement to see how we do business. No other insurance agency will offer you these guarantees. No other agents will offer you these guarantees. We are unbiased and work for you, not the insurance company, or an MLM company!

I was sold an expensive policy by another agent…how can I get a better better-priced policy?

We routinely replace expensive mortgage protection policies with better priced or higher face value policies. We have access to the best priced “A Rated” insurance companies in the United States.

If you have been sold a mortgage protection policy that is too expensive or has a coverage amount lower than you would like, we can help you! Call us at (888) 760-0903.


We hope this Asurea review is beneficial to you. From what we know, Asurea is a fine company with fine people. They help a lot of people get their homes protected…we love that about them!

Asurea and Buy Mortgage Protection both want to help you protect your home and family; we just do things differently. Asurea agents will want to visit you in your home to sell you mortgage protection; meanwhile, we do everything online.

Working online is more convenient for our clients, lowers our overheads, and allows us to sell you the best policy you qualify for, not just a “one size fits all” more expensive mortgage protection policy.



We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best mortgage protection rates.

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