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In this American Amicable review, we will help you understand more about this insurance company and if they are the right fit for your insurance needs. American Amicable is a big player in the mortgage protection market. American Amicable is based out of Waco, Texas. Tracing its roots to 1910, American Amicable has a long history of providing mortgage protection insurance and life insurance coverage.

In 2010 American Amicable was acquired by Industrial Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., a Canadian company.

Industrial Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1892 and is a life and health insurance company that offers a wide range of financial products and services. Industrial Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. employs over 5,300 people and manages $126+ billion in assets.


American Amicable Financial Strength

American Amicable has an A-Rating through A.M. Best. A.M. Best is a third-party reporting and ranking company that is one of the most reputable of its kind. A.M. Best has 15 rating categories, of which an “A” rating is the third highest. This rating was achieved in February of 2015.

This high rating says a lot about how American Amicable does business and the quality of their company. Your mortgage protection or life insurance policy will be safe with American Amicable.

American Amicable Mortgage Protection Review

No American Amicable review would be complete without covering all the mortgage protection and life insurance products offered by American Amicable. They are offered under different names, depending on which company is selling their products. Some names their insurance policies are sold under are:

  • American Amicable Home Certainty
  • American Amicable Home Protector
  • American Amicable Easy Term
  • American Amicable Term Made Simple
  • American Amicable Golden solution
  • American Amicable Family Solution
  • American Amicable Financial Solution
  • American Amicable Guarantee Guardian
  • American Amicable Val-U-Plus
  • American Amicable Senior Choice
  • American Amicable Family Choice
  • American Amicable Financial Lifeline
  • American Amicable Lighthouse Legacy
  • American Amicable Lighthouse Advantage
  • American Amicable Encore
  • American Amicable Ovation Ledger

American Amicable Mortgage Protection Term Product:

This is a simplified issue, non-medical mortgage protection policy that goes up to Table 4. Applicant must be a homeowner to qualify for this coverage.

Coverages are offered for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year increments. Premiums remain level throughout the term. The minimum face amount is $25,000; maximum face amount is $300,000.

Product Specifics:

  • No blood work or medical exams required.
  • Issue ages 18 – 70
  • Convertible to permit plan without proof of insurability

Included Living Benefit Riders: 

  • Terminal Illness accelerated benefit rider
  • Confined care Rider
  • Chronic illness

Optional Riders:

  • Disability income
  • Return of premium
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Spouse rider
  • Waiver of premium
  • Critical illness

American Amicable Whole Life Mortgage Protection

These are simplified issue nonmedical insurance products used to protect homeowners who are older or have significant health problems:

  • Face amounts to $35,000
  • Ages 0 to 85 (age varies by state)
  • No cost accelerated benefit riders – terminal illness and confined care
  • Premiums do not increase regardless of age or changes in health.
  • Death benefit does not decrease regardless of age or changes in health.
  • Cannot be canceled due to changes in your age or health (as long as premiums are paid).
  • Accumulates cash value
  • No blood work or medical exams required

American Amicable Whole Life Mortgage Protection Policy Options:

  • Immediate death benefit
  • Graded death benefit
  • Return of premium death benefit
  • Accidental death benefit

Universal Life Mortgage Protection

  • Non-medical universal life & fully underwritten universal life insurance
  • Flexible premium, adjustable benefit life insurance, particularly cash value
  • Coverage ranges from 25,000 to 250,000.

American Amicable Mortgage Protection Pro’s

  • An A-rated insurance company
  • Quick issue on policies up to $300,000
  • Nice range of  included and optional riders

American Amicable Mortgage Protection Con’s

  • Their term mortgage protection insurance policies include health impairments up to Table 4. If you are healthy, these policies will be more expensive than other mortgage protection options.

What we do differently

Most mortgage protection is sold face to face in your home. We are a virtual business. This allows us to keep our overhead costs low and allows us to recommend the mortgage protection plans that get you the best pricing. Most mortgage protection companies and agents purchase your information as a “lead” after you send in mortgage protection letter that showed up in your mailbox.

We only work with people who approach us or who have found us on the internet. Because we are not paying money for your information, we don’t feel the need to sell you an overpriced plan, or a “one-size-fits-all” plan that makes healthy people pay more than they have to.

We have access to over 40 different insurance companies. We don’t work with just 3-4 insurance companies like most mortgage protection sales persons and agents. Our recommendations are personalized to your situation and your budget.

We do the shopping for you so that you don’t have to waste your time; we are specialists in mortgage protection. We won’t try to sell you a product that isn’t right for you, or that is too expensive for your budget.

In Summary

We hope this American Amicable review helps you understand that American Amicable is a great insurance company. If you have health impairments, American Amicable’s mortgage protection plans are great products to consider. If you are in good to great health, we can help you get a better price with other insurance companies for mortgage protection.

We recommend you review your current mortgage protection and life insurance policies every 1-2 years. New insurance products come out yearly, with lower pricing or more favorable underwriting requirements. This means we can often save you money, even if your mortgage protection policy is 1-10 years old.

If you were sold an expensive mortgage protection policy or would like to see if you can get a better price, we are here to help you.


We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best mortgage protection rates.

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